At Gladstone, our mission is to provide independent, high quality, cost segregation and fixed asset accounting solutions. We pride ourselves on our relationships and commitment to service excellence. We specialize in working with accounting firms across the nation, along with real estate owners and Fortune 500 corporations in all industry settings.

A cost segregation study increases your current cash flow by accelerating federal depreciation deductions, reducing the tax life of construction-related costs and other identified assets. Property owners can use these studies as a strategic tax planning tool for constructed, purchased, expanded or remodeled real estate. The purpose of the studies is to identify and separate personal assets from real property assets to reduce tax obligations.

Gladstone Strategies and Solutions conducts engineering-based analysis – an approach described by the IRS as “the most methodical and accurate.” We use actual cost data as much as possible in our analysis, and our studies are prepared in a manner to stand up to any challenge by tax authorities. The studies create an audit trail that serves to eliminate inquiries by the IRS. Our team’s specialized knowledge includes accounting fundamentals as well as applicable tax laws, but also stands apart from traditional accounting services or CPA firms with the inclusion of our expertise in analysis of architectural drawings, electrical and mechanical plans, and construction blueprints that relate to the building. Gladstone and our analysts have the technical knowledge and experience with cost allocations, preparing cost segregation reports quickly and accurately.

A fixed asset review evaluates a company’s federal tax depreciation schedule over the last 20 years and assigns the appropriate tax lives to misclassified assets. While a cost segregation study focuses on buildings, a fixed asset review encompasses all fixed assets a company owns, including: property, machinery, furniture, fixtures and equipment. These are items of value a company owns and will use for an extended period of time as part of business operations. Assets could be misclassified due to changes in case law, use of “book” lives for tax purposes or lack of the in-depth knowledge necessary to determine correct lives. Identifying and reclassifying fixed assets that have been misclassified improve cash flow to the business by accelerating the deductions available for those assets, and improves the accuracy of subsequent tax filings.

Gladstone Strategies and Solutions offers partnering opportunities focused on the needs of CPAs and real estate professionals. Stay focused on what you do best, while generating goodwill and expanding your business through our specialty services. We have the expertise needed to perform complex studies, analysis, and fixed asset depreciation reviews. Our decades of experience in the field has given us the specialized knowledge of engineering, construction, and tax law to perform the studies accurately, helping your business client save money on tax filings and improving cash flow as a result.

Educate your clients on the benefits of using a cost segregation study related to their real estate holdings. Gladstone has the in-house expertise to perform the studies and provides detailed reports and documentation to support – and adhere to – strict IRS regulations.

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