Gladstone Strategies and Solutions offers partnering opportunities focused on the needs of CPAs and real estate professionals. Stay focused on what you do best, while generating goodwill and expanding your business through specialty services.

Educate your clients on the benefits of using a cost segregation study related to their real estate holdings. Gladstone has the in-house expertise to perform the studies and provides detailed reports and documentation to support – and adhere to – strict IRS regulations.

We have an independent, multi-disciplinary approach. Our team members all have technical expertise in areas such as construction, accounting and tax. Our team’s experience and technical expertise means your final report is produced efficiently with minimal disruption to your work.

Most CPA firms lack the necessary expertise in house, and therefore prefer to outsource this task.

Use a cost segregation study to:

• Offer clients their maximum legal tax benefits and increase their cash flow
• Provide specialty resources that complement your current services
• Affiliate with a well-known firm to attract new clients
• Enhance relationships with existing clients


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